3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Storytelling

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BREAKING NEWS: Tupperware in a Pickle, Investors Seal Their Wallets Tighter Than Their Lids!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you about Tupperware. You know, the plastic containers that hold our leftovers, sometimes even our hopes and dreams, or in my case, last week's questionable lasagna. Well, recently, Tupperware disclosed that it's struggling to stay afloat and has hired advisors to help find a way to stay in business. Their stock nose-dived almost 50% yesterday. Talk about "sealed" with a bad fortune, am I right?

You'd think a company that's been keeping our food fresh since the 1940s would have the secret recipe for success. But no, they're in a pickle, and not the kind you store in their containers. It's like they've hit a lid they can't burp open.

  • Now, I remember trying to help my mom organize her Tupperware cabinet as a kid. It was like playing Tetris, but with more yelling and mismatched lids.

  • And let's not forget the "Tupperware avalanche" that'd bury me every time I dared to open the door. I thought it was just our family, but apparently, it's a worldwide epidemic.

But back to Tupperware's situation. Maybe they just need a little bit of that good ol' sales and marketing magic, like a rebrand, or a new slogan. How about: "Tupperware - We keep your food fresh, even if our business model isn't!" Or maybe they could do a limited-edition collaboration with popular brands. Imagine Gucci Tupperware - because even your leftovers deserve designer labels!

So, to all my sales and marketing folks out there, let's give Tupperware a hand. I mean, we can't let them go under, because where else would we find plastic containers that make us feel both organized and utterly defeated at the same time?


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3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Storytelling

Most businesses suck at storytelling.

Donald Miller says storytelling is the greatest weapon we have to combat noise.


Because it organizes information in a way where people are compelled to listen.

Here are the 3 questions he recommends asking to cut through the noise:

1. What does the hero want?

In any great movie, you should be able to pause after 10 minutes and know what the hero wants:

• Luke wants to avenge the murder of his aunt and uncle

• Jason Bourne wants to find his true identity

Once we know what the hero wants, we become engaged.

We want to know:


And remember:

• In your personal branding, your target audience is the hero.

• In your marketing, your customer is the hero.

2. Who or what is opposing the hero from getting what she wants?

Harry Potter without Voldemort would be wack.

Star wards would be lame without Darth Vader.

And Rocky wouldn't be as bada$$ without the big bad Russian.

We should position them as WEAPONS to defeat a villain. The villain needs to be BIG and BAD.


You sell project management software.



How to Market:

"Software to stop distractions from robbing your most valuable asset: TIME!"

3. What's at stake?

If Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, or Frodo don't overcome the villains in their story, the world will be enslaved by an evil force.

If the hero fails... they'll face gnarly consequences.

The same goes for your customers (the true heroes):

They need to know the price they pay for NOT doing business with you.

This creates fear.

But know, adding fear to your messaging is like adding salt: Not too much, not too little.

And, it must be coupled with a little bit of sugar (let's call that HOPE).

Hope clarifies the vision of who the hero might become i.e. a positive transformation.

• In your personal branding, give your audience a vision of who they might become if they follow you.

• In your marketing, give the audience a vision of how they will transform.

TL;DR - If you want your personal branding to stand out, craft your messages around the 3 story questions:

1. What does the hero want?

2. Who or what is opposing the hero from getting what she wants?

3. What's at stake?


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