7 tips to sell 10x faster (it works for anything):

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King Charles III Coronation: A Royal Blend of Old-School Pomp and Silicon Valley Swag

Ladies and gentlemen, can we take a moment to talk about the recent coronation of King Charles III? I mean, it's not every day you get a new king! Now, as a sales & marketing expert, I can't help but think that the event was the perfect blend of old-school branding and modern marketing strategies. You know, like a mix between a medieval fair and a Silicon Valley launch party.

So, King Charles III was crowned on Saturday, and the whole thing was designed to infuse a modern twist into centuries-old traditions. I guess that's what happens when you let a marketing team plan a coronation! I mean, who needs "The Crown" on Netflix when you've got a live-action, interactive experience with a brand new king, right?

But seriously, did you catch the live stream? I was half-expecting them to unveil the latest iPhone after he was crowned. "Introducing the iCrown, complete with a limited edition King Charles III emoji! Pre-order now and get a free pair of Air Monarchs!"

Now, I'm no stranger to adapting to modern times. I remember when I first started in sales, we used to rely on good old-fashioned cold calls to close deals. Today, we've got:

  • LinkedIn

  • Email automation

  • Chatbots doing the heavy lifting

It's like we've all become royalty in our own way, just sitting back on our thrones and letting technology do the work.

And speaking of thrones, can we talk about that chair? Rumor has it, it was sponsored by IKEA, and the King had to assemble it himself before the ceremony. I'm sure there was a video tutorial on YouTube for it: "How to Assemble Your Throne in 3 Easy Steps!"

I have to hand it to King Charles, though – he's embracing the times. Just like we salespeople need to stay on top of the latest trends and tactics, the monarchy is finding new ways to stay relevant. Maybe next year, they'll have a virtual reality coronation experience, so we can all feel like kings and queens for a day! But for now, let's raise a glass to King Charles III – may his reign be as innovative and successful as our next marketing campaign! Cheers!



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💀 Issue #100-and-something 💀

7 tips to sell 10x faster (it works for anything):

1. Focus on your highest-performing channels

Channels include:

• Digital content

• Cold calls

• LinkedIn/Twitter/Reddit

• Email

Track which channels perform well for your team (maybe LinkedIn has the greatest response rate) and design systems to support those areas.

2. Think in terms of small YESES

Small Yes: prospect agrees to next meeting.

Big Yes: prospect signs the contract.

Most people want the "one-call close".

This isn't realistic in most scenarios.

Instead, think in terms of incremental closes (or a series of small YESES).

3. Ask for objections early and often

Hiding from objections doesn’t make them disappear.

They will come up at some point (I promise.)

Consider probing into their worries ASAP.

Identifying potential blockers will:

1. Increase your confidence

2. Make convos better

3. Save time

4. Leverage social proof

Peer reviews and testimonials will help your prospect trust you.

Peer recommendations influence 90% of buying decisions.

4 ideas:

1. Warm intro through a mutual contact

2. Case studies.

3. An event with current customers.

4. Mention similar customer

5. Automate repetitive tasks

Top salespeople often spend more time organizing or inputting data than selling.

Sales automation technologies can help with these duties.

Prioritize which repetitive tasks should (and can) be automated.

Data entry is a good place to start.

6. Establish a shared objective for each sales call

An objective helps guide the conversation

You know where to turn when you wander off course.

Setting a defined goal helps both parties know where they are in the transaction cycle at the end of the conversation.

7. Be upfront with your pricing

So, while it may be tempting to hide the cost, it almost always adds time and irritation to a sale.

Make it obvious what a prospect will benefit from your business.

Pricing clarity builds confidence with prospects and reduces resistance.

And that's it!

• Focus on your highest-performing channels

• Think in terms of small YESES

• Ask for objections early and often

• Leverage social proof

• Establish a shared objective for each sales call

• Be upfront with your pricing


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