Competence and Character: The Twin Pillars of True Success

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One Year of Musk at Twitter's Helm: A Rollercoaster of Engagement

Can you believe it's been a whole year since Elon Musk walked into Twitter's headquarters, sink in tow, marking the start of a new (and chaotic) era?

We've been on the edge of our seats, and now it’s time to take a look back and see just how the platform has fared under Musk’s reign.

Here’s the lowdown on Twitter’s transformation to X:

  • App Download Avalanche: Global downloads took a 38% dive from October 2022 to September 2023. The rebranding chaos certainly played its part, says Apptopia.

  • User Exodus: Monthly active users have dwindled by 14.8%, as reported by SimilarWeb.

  • Screen Time Shuffle: While Sensor Tower noted a 2% decrease in average user screen time on X, Apptopia observed an uptick in screen time among active users.

  • Ad Revenue Tumble: US ad revenue plummeted by a staggering 60%. Musk himself spilled the beans on this one last month.

So, what’s the culprit behind these wild fluctuations?

Rampant hate speech, a surge in misinformation, and a smattering of technical glitches under Musk's watch have all played their part. The X rebrand and the blue check mark debacle only added fuel to the fire.

But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom. X is still outpacing Threads, boasting 183 million daily active mobile users compared to Threads' 10 million.

Bottom Line: It’s been a tumultuous year for the platform formerly known as Twitter. Whether X can rebound from these setbacks or continue to spiral is the billion-dollar question.



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Competence and Character: The Twin Pillars of True Success

In the journey of life and business, two qualities stand tall: competence and character.
They are the pillars that uphold the structure of genuine success and human connection.

Competence is your skill set. It’s your ability to perform and deliver.
When there’s a prize on the line, when there’s something to gain, competence shines bright.
It’s rewarded, celebrated, and sought after.
People see your value, and they’re willing to reward you for it.

But then, there’s character.
Character is the silent warrior. It speaks volumes when there’s nothing to gain.
It’s your moral compass, your inner strength, your true north.
Character is who you are when the spotlight is off, when the crowds have gone home.

People will reward you for your competence. They’ll pay you, promote you, and praise you.
But character? That’s a different ball game.

People will love you for your character.
They’ll trust you, respect you, and stand by you.
They’ll see the depth of your humanity.

In a world obsessed with gains and rewards, character often takes a back seat.
But remember this,
Character is the foundation upon which lasting success is built.

Build competence, by all means. Shine, excel, and reap the rewards.
But never, ever neglect your character.

Because in the end, it’s your character that will define how deeply you are loved,
And how fondly you are remembered.



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