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MBA Grads Skip the Desk Job, Go Direct to 'Business Shopping': Suits Out, Acquisition In

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Remember the good old days?

MBA grads suiting up for the corporate climb.

Now? They're like, “Why climb the ladder,

When I can just BUY the whole darn building?”

Enter ETA: Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition.

No, it’s not a secret society.

It's the latest MBA buzzword.

Gone are the days of launching startups in basements.

These grads are hunting down existing businesses to acquire.

Kind of like playing Monopoly, but in real life.

Search for the company, check.

Then pull a Jerry Maguire.


Yep, it's as cool as it sounds.

Now, if you're not among the chosen Wharton quartet,

Receiving a sweet $50k for your ETA quest,

You've got options.

Self-fund with a loan.

Or go full-on investor appeal with a "core" search fund.

Why the hype, you ask?

Hiring for MBA elites took a hit in 2023.

And these grads, well, they’ve got dreams, ambition, and education.

They're yearning for more than just a 9-to-5.

Seeking purpose beyond spreadsheets and PowerPoint decks.

Perfect timing, too!

Baby boomers are waving goodbye to their businesses.

Ready for sunset views and retirement blues.

For all the rising business moguls and investment idols,

Remember: In the game of business, always have an ETA.

Not just an Estimated Time of Arrival,

But a strategy to own the board!



97 AI Prompts for Sellers & Sales Managers to SELL LIKE CRAZY

💀 Issue #100-and-something 💀

Content is the new king of demand generation

In today's digital landscape:
Your voice resonates.
Your online presence? It's your company's magnet.

Here's the unspoken reality:

  • Ads fade.

  • Content endures.

  • LinkedIn and Twitter? They're your digital storefronts.


That's right, here's the thing:

  • Customers aren't just buying a product.

  • They're buying into a vision, a voice.

  • They're engaging with the CEO's narrative.

It's not just about sales pitches.
↳ It's about storytelling:

  1. Engagement: New customers? They're reading your content.

  2. Trust: They follow the CEO's LinkedIn and Twitter.

  3. Conversion: Many engage for months before making the leap.

You might think it's all about the product.

But dig deeper:

  1. Content builds relationships.

  2. Content fosters trust.

  3. Content drives decisions.

It's not just a theory.

I've seen it firsthand. Many of my customers immerse themselves in my content for months before buying.

Here's some fuego:

The next time you're strategizing demand generation, think content. Think voice. Think long-term.

Your brand isn't just about what you sell.

It's about what you say and how you say it.

Champion content.


PS: In the age of information, be the voice your customers trust. Content isn't just king. It's the entire kingdom.


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