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Content Strategy 101: The Time-Travel Technique for Audience Building

Good morning to everyone looks at themself the entire time in the little corner window of Zoom ☠️

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NASA's Dirt on Bennu: The 4-Billion-Mile Road Trip for the Universe's Oldest Recipe

Fasten your seatbelts!

We're zooming beyond sales targets and social reach.

This time, it's ASTEROID SAMPLES!

Bennu, ever heard of it?

NASA just got its hands dirty there.

And by dirty, I mean 8.8 ounces of out-of-this-world soil!

Let's backtrack.

It started with a 4-billion-mile road trip.

Yes, billion.

That's like circling Earth, oh, just 160,000 times!

The loot?

Landed in Utah.

Why Utah, you ask?

Biggest restricted airspace.

Because when NASA parties, they rent out the whole club!

Why the fuss?

This soil might just be the recipe to... life.

The prequel to Earth, people!

Kinda like a sneak peek into the Big Bang’s baby photos.

Scientists are on it.

Two years of digging through dirt, space-style.

This October?

We get the trailer to the universe's biggest mystery.

So, future marketers and CEOs,

When we shoot for the stars in our campaigns,


NASA just did it, literally.

And the stakes are life-alteringly high!

P.S. Next marketing move falling flat? Remember, NASA brought dirt from 4 billion miles away. No pressure!



Nick Cegelski’s Exec-to-Exec Email Template

💀 Issue #100-and-something 💀

Content Strategy 101: The Time-Travel Technique for Audience Building

product hunt time travel GIF by Product Hunt

Want to build an audience?
Nope, you don't need a PhD.
Or a time machine.
Just YOUR story.

Here's the blueprint.
I call it the Time-Travel Technique.

Step 1:
Pick a topic
Something you've learned recently.
Say, in the last 2 years.

Step 2:
Turn back time.
You're now talking to Your-Past-Self.

Now create content like you're mentoring...
Well, you.

Best Resources?
Share 'em.

One-Pager Guides?
Craft it.

Common Mistakes?
Bust 'em.

Your Transformation?
Celebrate it.

Now, wash, rinse, and repeat.
For 6 months.

The outcome?

You won’t just have a bunch of posts.
You'll have a COMMUNITY.

People who relate to your journey.
People who learn from your mistakes.
People who celebrate your wisdom.

Don't overthink it.
You're already an expert...
On your own evolution.

Keep it authentic.
Keep it relatable.

You've built an audience.

So, what's your story?
The world is eager to hear it.

Ready, set, time-travel!


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