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Delegation: The Art of Not Throwing Tasks Like Boomerangs That Come Back to Smack You

Good morning to everyone who doesn’t want to be in ANY drama but must hear about every single, little detail of everyone else’s drama ☠️

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Costco Cracks Down on Card Crusaders: Join the Bulk Battalion or Bid Farewell to Budget Feasts

 Listen up, Sales & Marketing Gurus! Costco just raised its drawbridge, and Grandpa’s card ain’t your magic key anymore!

Gone are the days when we could sneak in with Grandpa’s Costco card to buy enough ham to feed an army!

Why? Because Costco is now the Bulk Purchase Bouncer!

It was always against the rules to use someone else’s membership, but Costco, sweet Costco, turned a blind eye.

But now? Game over, folks! 

If you're thinking of scoring that delicious $1.50 hot dog without a membership, think again!

The guardians of the bulk goodies are going to check your IDs like you’re trying to enter an exclusive nightclub!

And why this sudden crackdown?

Costco’s wallet got a little lighter. They rely on membership fees, which brought in a whopping $4.2 billion in 2022. Membership fees are like their sales funnels - they keep the business running even when profits dip.

Personal story time! Back in college, I once tried to throw a massive BBQ using my buddy’s Costco card. Imagine my face when they asked for ID and I had to leave without the glorious mountain of ribs I'd planned on.

Fast forward, and Costco's decision to crack down makes PERFECT sense. It’s like protecting your lead magnets and email lists - you gotta make sure only the real subscribers get the goods!

So, if you want to feast like kings and queens on cheap rotisserie chickens, you gotta JOIN the club! Gold Star Membership will set you back $60, while the Executive Membership offers some juicy bonuses for $120.

Costco’s strategy is like any great sales & marketing plan: protect your assets, ensure customer loyalty, and keep that revenue flowing!

#BulkPurchaseBouncer #CostcoCardGuardian

Swipe that membership card with pride! 


SEOs that tell you that links no longer matter are out of their mind!!

Links still matter in SEO! But not just any links.

⛔ Beware of poor links!

Don't fall for "list" links, high "authority" but low-traffic websites, or irrelevant link sources.

It's time to be smart about your link choices.

✅ Contextual inbound links from authority websites are the heart and soul of SEO.

Those links drive real results and boost your online presence.

Don't settle for less!

I recently came across dofollow.io and found their approach very honest:

you pay for performance (only pay for links within your parameters)

high-quality backlinks from websites like HubSpot, BigCommerce, Canva, Business Insider

I also checked how their case studies are doing, and they seem to grow just fine (see screenshot).

A good example of an agency that understands modern link-building!

💀 Issue #100-and-something 💀

Delegation: The Art of Not Throwing Tasks Like Boomerangs That Come Back to Smack You

Listen up, folks! Let's talk about buying time.

Sounds like a sci-fi concept, right? But no, we're talking business here, amigos.

Everyone LOVES the idea of outsourcing. “Here, take my work, I'm going sipping margaritas!”

But WAIT. There’s a catch.

What’s the golden rule here?

Know thy work.

Got a task you wanna pass on? Cool, but first, get in the trenches.

Dive deep, my friends. Live that task. Breathe it.

Only when you’ve made it your BFF, consider parting ways.

I’ve been there, trust me. Eager beaver mode, delegating left and right.

Guess what happened?

Flop, flop and mega flop. 

That’s right. I’d hand over the reins and my horse would go running in circles.

I’ve learned the hard way - you gotta understand the essence of what you’re delegating.

This ain’t a game of hot potato, tossing tasks like they’re on fire.

This is about building an empire, brick by brick.

And knowing every nook, every cranny.

So next time you’re about to delegate something, ask yourself:

“Do I really get this?”

If not, take a step back. Roll up your sleeves.

Get to know your work.

And then?

Delegate like a pro.

Your empire will thank you. 

#KeyTakeaway: Know what you're outsourcing, amigos. You wouldn't let someone else choose your taco toppings without guidance, would ya? Same applies in the empire-building biz. Know your work, then pass the torch. 😉🌮🔥


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