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E-Mail: The 'Dinosaur' Outperforming Your T-Rex Marketing Channels

Good morning to everyone except the people who pretend to be asleep when someone knocks at the door unexpectedly ☠️

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Messi Swaps Green for Pink & $400 Million for Miami's Moscato: A Lesson in Unexpected Moves for Marketers

Let's dive into this week's CRAZIEST event!

Forget about UFO sightings or the return of Tiger King, this is MONUMENTAL!

The soccer ICON, Lionel Messi, known for his immaculate footwork, decided to STIR UP the fashion world by donning PINK on a WEDNESDAY!

Now THAT'S a bold move, folks.

It's clear Messi hasn't been catching up on his chick flicks...

Remember, Messi, it's "On Wednesdays, we wear pink", NOT on a random Wednesday!

But, it doesn’t stop there.

Messi's also taking his vibrant jersey and his unmatchable skills to Inter Miami!

Yes, you heard that right!

Some are scratching their heads, but trust me, Miami has found the KEY to Messi's heart.

And it wasn’t the alluring NIGHTLIFE or the irresistible LATIN CUISINE.

It was something EVEN MORE SUBLIME!

Messi’s turned down a gobsmacking $400 MILLION from the Saudi Football League.

I mean, did he mistake football for a CHARITY EVENT?

But here’s where it gets INTERESTING...

The offer from Miami must've been SWEETER than a chilled glass of Barefoot Moscato at a SUNSET beach party.

Doesn’t that sound FAMILIAR?

You’re at the beach, the sun's setting, the Moscato is sweet, and suddenly you think:

"Hey, wouldn't it be cool to move to Miami and SHAKE UP AMERICAN SOCCER?!"

Been there, done that!

Well, not the shaking up soccer part...

I once TURNED DOWN a higher salary at a corporate gig.


The other company had unlimited coffee and comfy BEAN BAG CHAIRS!

I mean, who needs a $400 million when you've got the Atlantic Ocean and a glass of sweet Moscato?

Messi probably looked at the deal and thought,

"Hmm, sun, sea, soccer...and a potential cameo in the next Pitbull video? Adios, Saudi! MIAMI, HERE I COME!"

There you have it, folks!

Remember, like Messi, always go where the deal is SWEETER...

Even if it means wearing PINK on a Wednesday.

Because in sales and marketing, it's ALL about STANDING OUT, right?

Until next time, keep SCORING your goals...

And maybe get yourself a PINK SHIRT.

If Messi can do it, WHY CAN'T YOU?



Start Writing On Linkedin In 30 Days

(with a community of 4,000+ others)

It feels scary to create content for 2+ years.

  • It feels daunting to create content for 2+ years. You won’t see much growth, or many opportunities, in the early stages.

  • You’ll have to get over the fear of judgment from friends, family, and strangers on the internet.

  • You’ll have to figure out what you’re going to talk about, and why anyone would care what you’ve got to say.

  • You’ll need to learn about writing frameworks, writing headlines, creating new ideas, formatting, and continuing when no one is reading.

  • You’ll worry that you’re going to run out of ideas.

  • You’ll be constantly thinking about the LinkedIn algorithm, while simultaneously trying not to think about the LinkedIn algorithm.

  • You’ll end up getting tons of DMs from other people, figuring out which opportunities you should be going after.

This is hard.
It takes a lot of work.

But it’s also really fun, and if you can make it work, it’s genuinely life-changing.

The Brand30 Course & Community

The Brand30 community is a 30-day live cohort-based course where I’ll teach you everything I know about how to build and grow your LinkedIn into a sustainable machine that churns out valuable content for your audience and generates healthy opportunities for you, without having to quit your job.

💀 Issue #100-and-something 💀

E-Mail: The 'Dinosaur' Outperforming Your T-Rex Marketing Channels

Credit: SELL LIKE CRAZY book


We've found it. The El Dorado of marketing.

And no, it's not buried in some mythical city of gold...

It's hiding in plain sight, right under our noses, right on our screens...

Cue the drumroll...


Now, don't fall off your chair. Let me explain.

Sure, we've got paid ads.




Catalogs, banner ads, content.


All these channels vying for our attention like a frenzied feeding frenzy of marketing sharks.


Email marketing is KING. It outperforms all these other channels combined.

One of the biggest mistakes I see businesses make is treating email marketing like the awkward cousin at a family reunion, shuffling it into the corner while all the flashy channels get all the love.

Guys, it's time to bring email back to the cool kids' table.


That's right. EVERYTHING.

No, Email is not lounging in the retirement home, knitting doilies and reminiscing about the good old days.

EMAIL IS ALIVE AND KICKING, and it's the bedrock of any successful business today.

If your business was a house, email marketing would be the foundation, the frame, the rock-solid base holding up everything else.

So, let's stop neglecting it.

Bring back the love for email.

Because trust me, EMAIL WILL LOVE YOU BACK.

In revenue, in growth, in customer connection.

Email is not dead, my friends.


Keep the conversation going. Keep those emails flowing. And watch your business grow.


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