The "Simple" Truth About Marketing That Most People Overlook


Do you ever feel like marketing is just a bunch of random a$$ tactics, strategies, and shiny objects?

I get it. I've been there, done that, and got the t-shirt (which I probably bought as part of some "can't miss" marketing funnel).

But after years of trial, error, and more than a few face-palms, I've discovered the shocking truth about marketing:

It's actually pretty darn simple.

I know, I know... it sounds too good to be true. But hear me out:

The 3-Step "Genius" Marketing Formula

  1. Create Content (Yup, that good ol' thing called writing/recording/filming stuff)

  2. Push People to Lead Magnets (A.K.A. bribing them with free goodies)

  3. Do Killer Email Marketing (Because email is still the MVP of marketing)

That's it. That's the entire formula.

"But Andy," I hear you saying, "that sounds way too easy!"

Oh, trust me... I know.

Each of those steps is a beast in its own right. But at least you're not trying to wrestle an entire herd of beasts, right?

And that's why I've brought in the big guns to help you tame those three little beasties...

Introducing: George, The Lead Magnet Legend

This Wednesday at 10am PT, I'll be joined by one of the best copywriters on the internet: George (@GrammarHippy on Twitter with a whopping 201k followers).

George is a true master when it comes to writing lead magnets that actually convert.

And get this: He's going to share all his secrets... FOR FREE!

Can you believe that?! I sure can't!

So do yourself a favor and click here to register for the free training before all the spots are gone.

Because while marketing can be simple... getting access to game-changing training like this doesn't happen every day.

Your GTM compadre,



George's lead magnet tips are so good, they should probably be illegal. But since they're not, you might as well take full advantage! Click here to sign up now before George comes to his senses!


George doesn’t even have a LinkedIn… and we are doing this LIVE on Linkedin. So this should be fun lol.