Gong Bangs The Marketing Drum – A Symphony of Masterstrokes

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AI Joins the Beatles' Encore: Can it Hold a Tune?

Ready for a trip down Penny Lane?

The Beatles are back!

But wait... There's a new member joining the Fab Four... and it's not Ringo's cousin or Paul's pet dog...

It's our good friend, Artificial Intelligence!

Yeah, you heard it right!

Yesterday, Sir Paul McCartney spilled the beans to the BBC.

Using an old demo recording of John Lennon singing an unpublished song, AI has managed to create a new Beatles track!

It’s like me trying to get a song out of my old voicemail messages… Good luck, AI!

The iconic band, which parted ways over 50 years ago, is now set for a posthumous last hurrah!

Sir Paul is being coy and hasn't revealed the name of the soon-to-be-released song...

But fans are speculating it'll be "Now And Then". A special tune recorded by Lennon in the late 70s and marked “For Paul”.

I guess even in the afterlife, the Beatles are making sure we're all shook up!

So, GTM Maestros, the lesson here is simple:

AI can turn your old demos into chart-toppers, just like how your old sales pitches can be turned into gold!

Now, let me go find my old mixtapes...

Until next time, folks! Remember, old tunes can always play new melodies!



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💀 Issue #100-and-something 💀

Gong Bangs The Marketing Drum – A Symphony of Masterstrokes

Here's a NEWS FLASH from the frontline of marketing warfare:

Gong just dropped a marketing MASTERCLASS on us. And I'm not talking about an online course, folks.

I'm talking about their own marketing strategy. Their maneuvers were so slick, even I had to put down my popcorn and clap.

So, what did they do?

They've played FOUR major chords that resonate through the marketing world:

  1. Created an Enemy: Remember how Apple created an enemy in the 'boring old PC' and sparked a war that still rages on today? Gong just did the same. They pointed the finger at old sales engagement solutions and painted them as out of touch, cumbersome, and yawn boring. That's marketing 101, folks. You always need a Darth Vader.

  2. Positioned themselves: Have you ever noticed how some brands seem to come out of nowhere, yet suddenly they're in every conversation? That's exactly what Gong did. They slipped into the sales engagement category like a ninja in the night. Guess who didn't see that coming? The current sales engagement leaders. Crafty, Gong, real crafty.

  3. Harnessed Technology: You've got to surf the waves of technology, my friends. AI is hot right now, and Gong saw the trend, grabbed their board, and hit the surf. They wrapped AI around their marketing message, making them seem more cutting-edge, innovative, and ahead of the curve.

  4. B2B Influencers: Now, this was the cherry on top. They rubbed shoulders with the big names in B2B, borrowing their credibility to skyrocket their own. We know people trust people more than brands. Gong used this to their advantage, building rapport and credibility by association.

Before this, Gong was never seen as a rival to the likes of Outreach or Salesloft. Now, they're not just on the radar, they're setting off the alarms.

You're probably thinking, "Wait a second, Andy. Aren't you invested in Outreach?"

Guilty as charged.

Yes, I own a chunk of Outreach shares. But folks, a good marketer can appreciate a good play. Even when it's from a potential competitor.

So here's to you, Gong. Nice work. But can you deliver on the product you've promised? Only time will tell.

Keep your eyes peeled, fellow marketers. This is about to get interesting.

Stay Inspired,


P.S.: The takeaway here? Be audacious. Steal the limelight. It's a noisy marketplace out there. If you're not ready to ruffle a few feathers, you'll never get off the ground.


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