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Saint Patrick's Day: Unleashing the Irish in All of Us

Ah, Saint Patrick's Day! The one day of the year where we all suddenly discover that we're 1/16th Irish, and use it as an excuse to party like we just found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I mean, who knew that so many people in tech had Irish roots? It's like Ancestry.com had a 2-for-1 sale on Irish heritage.

You know, I once tried to explain Saint Patrick's Day to my AI assistant. I said, "It's a day where people wear green, drink beer, and celebrate Irish culture." The AI responded, "So... it's a global software update to add more green pixels and raise the alcohol levels in humans?" I told the AI, "Exactly, just make sure to update the dancing skills too. We're gonna need those Irish jigs!"

But seriously, have you noticed how everyone in tech is wearing green today? Even the introverts are showing their true colors – they're just doing it from home with their green LED lights. And let's not forget the programmers, who are celebrating by adding green comments to their code. "// TODO: Refactor this mess after the hangover."

I remember one Saint Patrick's Day when I was working at a tech startup. My boss sent out an email saying, "In honor of our Irish ancestors, let's all wear green and meet in the break room for some Irish coffee." I mean, I didn't know we were an Irish tech company, but I didn't want to miss out on free coffee. That day, productivity skyrocketed! Or at least our enthusiasm for being at work did.

So, as we celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with our newfound Irish roots, let's raise a glass to the patron saint of techies everywhere. After all, who else could have driven the snakes out of Ireland with just a few lines of Python code? Cheers!



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Have conversations like your favorite podcast hosts:

My favorite podcast hosts know how to dig deep.

In improv class a few years ago, I learned a technique that now helps me dig in discovery meetings as a B2B seller.

T.E.D is an acronym:

T - Tell me...

E - Explain to me...

D - Describe to me...

And anytime you need someone to elaborate on something, use T.E.D.

Example #1

Prospect: "Yeah we need help building pipeline"

You: "Tell me more about that..."

Example #2

Prospect: "Yeah our leads are falling through the cracks"

You: "Explain to me why you think that's happening"

Example #3

Prospect: "We need more automation in place"

You: "Describe to me why you think that's the case"

Your favorite podcast hosts most likely go for depth vs breadth. If you've heard the "How I built this" podcast by Guy Raz, he will dig and dig and dig.

Cut it out with accepting the surface-level answers.

Go an inch wide and a mile deep.

Rule: It's better to understand 1 problem needing medical treatment vs. 5 problems that are an itch.


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