How are you going to build a MOAT with your SaaS?

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Chicken à la Lab: Science Serves Poultry!


Ready to take your taste buds on a science experiment?

Introducing the Lab-Grown Chicken! 🐔🔬

Yes, you heard that right! The chicken that went from petri dish to dinner plate!

Two startups from the Bay Area, Good Meat and Upside Foods, just got the USDA's thumbs up to sell lab-grown poultry to American consumers!

It’s like bypassing the lead generation phase and going straight to the final sales pitch!

Initially, these sci-fi poultry delights will only be available at two swanky restaurants – one in San Francisco and the other in Washington, DC.

Just imagine telling your date, “Darling, the chicken we're eating tonight didn’t cluck, it bubbled!”

Supporters of this "cultured" meat say it’s a huge step towards a more humane and eco-friendly meat industry.

And, let’s be honest, who wouldn't want to say they’ve tasted chicken that did a science degree before making it to the menu?

But there's a catch! Scaling production could make this a delicacy only for those with deep pockets.

Kind of like that premium marketing automation tool you've been eyeing!

So, GTM aficionados, let's take this as a lesson in innovation. Sometimes the future of our industries is a little... well, cultured.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a reservation at the Laboratory Bistro...

Until next time, folks! Remember, stay curious and always be ready to taste-test the future!


When you say "Yup" 20 times and they keep talking...

SEOs that tell you that links no longer matter are out of their mind!!

Links still matter in SEO! But not just any links.

⛔ Beware of poor links!

Don't fall for "list" links, high "authority" but low-traffic websites, or irrelevant link sources.

It's time to be smart about your link choices.

✅ Contextual inbound links from authority websites are the heart and soul of SEO.

Those links drive real results and boost your online presence.

Don't settle for less!

I recently came across and found their approach very honest:

  • you pay for performance (only pay for links within your parameters)

  • high-quality backlinks from websites like HubSpot, BigCommerce, Canva, Business Insider

I also checked how their case studies are doing, and they seem to grow just fine (see screenshot).

A good example of an agency that understands modern link-building!

💀 Issue #100-and-something 💀

How are you going to build a MOAT with your SaaS?

Gather round, 'cause I’m about to SPILL the beans on a little convo I had with a pal.

He hit me with this zinger: "How are you going to build a moat with your new SaaS?”

Well, let me tell ya, I didn't miss a beat.

I was honest.

Like "pants on fire" honest.

I laid out the holy trinity of modern SaaS MOATS.

And now, because I like you, I'm sharing them here.

Whispers: These are the last true MOATS in SaaS...

  1. Brand: You want to build a brand that’s hotter than a jalapeño. Make sure people can’t get enough of you, like that last piece of guacamole at a party.

  2. Community: This is your TRIBE. Your band of warriors. Your people. Think of it like the neighborhood BBQ where everyone wants to hang out. When the BBQ is hot, the community flocks!

  3. Partner Ecosystem: This is where your SaaS throws a fiesta and invites all the other cool apps in town. You get to hang, integrate, and create something even more awesome together. It’s like the Avengers, but in the SaaS world.

Pick one. Pick ALL. But for the love of SaaS, pick at least one and RUN with it like you've stolen a taco from a street vendor.

This is the secret salsa to making sure your SaaS doesn’t end up like the ghost town from a spaghetti western.

You’re welcome. 😎

Now, go forth, and may your moats be deep, your drawbridges sturdy, and your SaaS kingdom prosperous!

Hasta la vista,

Tío Andy

P.S. The next time someone asks how you're building your SaaS moat, unleash the power of the holy trinity! 🌮💪


  • AniMagic: Bring hand-drawn characters to life in seconds on iOS (link)

  • ClickUp AI: The first AI-powered assistant tailored to your work. (link)

  • Virtual CMO: Solve any marketing problem in 1 minute (link)


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