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  • How To Build An Authentic Brand | Rick Wittenbraker (ex-CMO of YETI)

How To Build An Authentic Brand | Rick Wittenbraker (ex-CMO of YETI)

Feb 9

How to Build an Authentic Brand | Rick Wittenbraker (ex-CMO of YETI)

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Rick, the Chief Marketing Officer of Howler Bros and ex-CMO of YETI. Rick shares his journey from his early days at YETI to his pivotal role at Howler Bros, emphasizing the importance of building authentic brands and creating meaningful customer connections. He dives into the challenges and strategies in the current marketing landscape, discussing the impact of technology on sales, the importance of brand storytelling, and the evolution of sales tactics in a digital world.

Episode Highlights:

  • Rick's Journey: From consulting to shaping Yeti's explosive growth and co-founding Howler Bros.

  • Building a Brand: The art of creating a brand that resonates and stands the test of time

  • Marketing Insights: Rick's take on the evolving landscape of sales and marketing integration.

  • Creative Process: A peek into the creative minds at Howler Bros.

  • Sales Outreach: Rick's candid thoughts on what's wrong with current sales tactics and how to fix them.

Why You Can't Miss This Episode:

  • Learn how to build a brand that's not just a product but a story that people want to be a part of

  • Discover the importance of authenticity in your sales and marketing efforts.

  • Gain actionable insights on how to make your brand stand out in a crowded market.

  • Hear real-life examples of successful branding and marketing strategies.

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Where to find Rick Wittenbraker:

Where to find Andy:

In this episode, we cover:

00:00:00 - Business Growth and Brand Building

00:00:47 - Introducing Rick

00:01:19 - Rick's Background with Yeti and Howler Bros

00:02:10 - Early Days at Yeti

00:03:03 - Combining Outdoor Passion with Professional Work

00:03:46 - Meeting Howler Bros Co-Founder

00:04:49 - Transitioning to Howler Brothers

00:05:53 - The Story and Philosophy of Howler Brothers

00:08:00 - Rick's Involvement with Other Companies

00:08:57 - Rick as an Angel Investor

00:09:29 - Brand Building and Mission Focus

00:11:26 - The Cool Factor in Traditional Businesses

00:13:59 - The Potential of Rebranding Traditional Services

00:17:38 - The Importance of Enjoying Your Business

00:19:11 - The Disconnect Between Sales and Marketing

00:21:02 - Rick's Take on Sales Outreach and Personalization

00:23:00 - The Ineffectiveness of Automated Sales Tactics

00:24:17 - The Importance of Sincerity in Sales Outreach

00:25:11 - The Shift in Consumer Awareness and Sales Strategies

00:27:36 - Rick's Collection of Bad Sales Emails

00:29:07 - Gmail's New Policy Impacting Sales Outreach

00:31:05 - The Future of Sales Strategies Post-Gmail Change

00:33:02 - The Need for Better Sales Programs

00:34:06 - The Role of Distribute in Modern Sales

00:36:00 - Potential Responses to Gmail's New Policy

00:37:50 - The Shift to Content and Influencer Marketing

00:39:16 - Flipping the Sales-Driven Approach

00:41:10 - Building Trust Through Consistent Branding

00:42:03 - The Role of Marketing in Sales Success

00:43:20 - Cognizant's Focus on Brand Over Lead Generation

00:44:19 - The Art of Building a Brand

00:45:04 - Nike's Branding Strategy

00:46:21 - Macklemore's Bogey Boys Golf Brand

00:47:30 - The Rise of Startup Golf Brands

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