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How to Distribute Your Lead Magnets Effectively on Social Media

Good morning to everyone who has started saying “Let’s Circle Back After The Holidays” ☠️

👉 Some exciting news for those who like to get leads with ease:

In the next few weeks, I’m rolling out my new mini-course, Effortless Lead Gen Mastery

It’s a 5-step blueprint designed to help you create AND launch money-making lead magnets 10x faster (with the help of AI).

The best part?

It’s going to be 100% FREE.

Now, I’m going to be releasing access to the course in batches.

But as a member of my email list, I’d be happy to let you skip the line and join the fiesta early.

Hope to see you on the other amigos!


Disney Set to Claim the Hulu Throne in Streaming Kingdom

getty images

Grab your popcorn because Disney is about to become the sole ruler of Hulu's vast content empire. The House of Mouse has struck a deal with Comcast, sealing its fate to acquire the final third of Hulu for a royal sum of at least $8.61 billion.

Why does this Disney-Hulu plot twist matter?

Well, it's a big deal in the land of streaming wars. Here’s why:

  • Full Control: Disney’s acquisition means a tighter grip on the content and strategic direction of Hulu, potentially integrating it more closely with other Disney streaming ventures like Disney+ and ESPN+.

  • Content is King: Owning all of Hulu gives Disney an even larger share of the streaming pie, with more room for original content development, exclusives, and perhaps even bundled streaming deals.

  • The Competition: With full ownership, Hulu can be a more formidable opponent against Netflix, Amazon Prime, and newer contenders like HBO Max.

What’s next in this fairy tale?

  • The Disney Magic: Expect Disney to sprinkle its pixie dust on Hulu, possibly expanding the platform's international reach and pumping up its portfolio with more Disney-grade magic.

  • Strategic Moves: Disney might consolidate its platforms or keep them separate to cover different market segments. The strategy? Pure Disney genius.

Final Thoughts

The streaming realm is watching closely as Disney prepares to wave its wand over Hulu. Will this power move lead to a happily ever after for subscribers and stakeholders alike? Stay tuned.



Melissa Gaglione’s Video Prospecting Template

💀 Issue #100-and-something 💀

How to Distribute Your Lead Magnets Effectively on Social Media

(ignore my double chin muchachos)

Lead magnets are like digital bait.

Crafted content pieces METICULOUSLY CRAFTED to hook your potential clients

Although having a lead magnet is one thing, making sure your bait is attractive and lands in the right pond is an entirely different game.

Even if you have the most enticing lead magnets, if you aren’t able to distribute them effectively, it will drown in the vast sea of social media

Want to know the TOP strategy to make sure your lead magnets aren’t floating aimlessly?

Watch to see the exact structure that I use to make every lead magnet get 10s of thousands of opt-ins without having a ridiculously high cost per lead.


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