How to Start a Podcast | Masterclass by Danny Miranda

Jan 12

From Preparation to Distribution: Mastering the Art of Podcasting | Danny Miranda

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In today’s episode, we have the incredible Danny Miranda joining us to share his wealth of knowledge on building a content engine, maintaining consistency, and navigating the highs and lows of podcasting life.

Join us as we dive deep into the strategies that can transform your brand and content creation process. Learn how to adopt a daily commitment mindset, similar to making a habit out of brushing your teeth, and apply it to your podcasting journey for unparalleled consistency and success.

Key Takeaways:

- Building a Content Engine: Discover the essentials of creating a robust content engine to enhance your brand’s presence and drive business success.

- The Power of Consistency: Learn how adopting a daily commitment mindset can revolutionize your podcasting journey.

- Navigating the Highs and Lows: Explore the world of startups and podcasting, learning how to maintain balance through the highs and lows.

- Mastering the Art of Interviewing: Uncover the secrets to conducting captivating interviews and creating meaningful conversations.

- Strategic Content Distribution: Gain insights into the comprehensive process of podcasting, from preparation to strategic distribution.

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Where to find Danny Miranda:

Where to find Andy:

In this episode, we cover:

00:00:00 - Starting a Running Group and Meeting New People

00:00:15 - Seeking Interesting People for Podcast Interviews

00:00:41 - Comparing Danny to Nardwuar

00:01:53 - Research Techniques for Podcast Guests

00:02:49 - Reflecting on Early Podcasting Days

00:03:32 - The Evolution of Podcasting and Content Creation

00:03:58 - Feeling Late to Social Media Platforms

00:04:19 - Celebrating Podcast Milestones

00:04:57 - The Rarity of Podcasts Surpassing 10 Episodes

00:05:19 - Launching a New Podcast and Learning in Public

00:05:40 - Danny's Podcast Journey and Episode Count

00:06:05 - The Importance of Belief in Podcasting

00:07:43 - The Challenge of Being Seen Differently by Peers

00:08:04 - Maintaining Emotional Balance in Pursuits

00:08:47 - Consistency in Podcasting and Business

00:09:01 - The Early Days of Danny's Podcast

00:09:11 - The Rule of Commitment and Consistency

00:10:04 - The Turning Point at Episode 228

00:11:06 - The Joy of Starting a Podcast

00:12:10 - The Power of Starting Without Expectations

00:13:04 - The Impact of a Tony Robbins Event

00:14:07 - The Importance of Opening Up at Events

00:14:44 - The Bias of Familiarity and Growth

00:15:33 - The Power of Energy and Optimism

00:16:17 - Overcoming Workplace Bias and Growth

00:17:10 - The Challenge of Changing Others' Perceptions

00:18:02 - Recognizing Our Own Biases

00:19:05 - The Liberating Experience at Tony Robbins Event

00:20:09 - The Release of Anxiety and Embracing Challenges

00:21:15 - The Vision for a Fun and Authentic Podcast

00:22:01 - The Dream of a Taco and Tequila Podcast Studio

00:22:44 - The Strategy for Andy's Podcast

00:23:24 - The Importance of Niching Down for Growth

00:24:16 - The Long-Term Commitment to Podcasting

00:25:10 - The Inflection Points in Podcast Growth

00:26:05 - Finding a Unique Angle for Your Podcast

00:27:41 - The Dream of a Relaxed Podcast Environment

00:28:37 - The Process of Researching Podcast Guests

00:29:30 - The Amount of Research Time for Guests

00:30:32 - The Post-Production Process for Podcasts

00:31:43 - The Goal of Creating Conversation-Starting Content

00:32:32 - The Pre-Production Research Process Detailed

00:33:29 - The Post-Production Distribution Strategy

00:34:16 - The Importance of Content as Conversation Starters

00:35:02 - The Specifics of Research for Alex Hormozi Interview

00:36:06 - The Tactical Approach to Researching Guests

00:37:10 - The Goal of Lighting Up the Guest

00:38:09 - The Role of Memory in Research and Interviewing

00:39:07 - The Pre-Interview Research Process

00:40:09 - The Post-Interview Distribution and Engagement Strategy

00:41:14 - The Philosophy Behind Content Distribution

00:42:28 - The Personal Touch in Research and Distribution

00:43:23 - The Playful Aspect of Podcasting

00:44:05 - The Vision for a Personalized Podcast Studio

00:44:37 - The Detailed Research Process for High-Profile Guests

00:45:48 - The Concept of Content as a Means to Connect People

00:46:09 - The Strategy for Creating Engaging Podcast Clips

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