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  • How Top Athletes and Leaders Supercharge Their Recovery? - with aka Jonny Miller

How Top Athletes and Leaders Supercharge Their Recovery? - with aka Jonny Miller

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How Top Athletes and Leaders Supercharge Their Recovery? - with aka Jonny Miller

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Jonny Miller is the founder of Nervous System Mastery, a course that has helped hundreds of founders and tech leaders cultivate calm, reduce nervousness, enhance resilience, and elevate their sense of aliveness.

🔥 Episode Highlights:

  • Introduction to Nervous System Mastery Techniques

  • Discussion on Ironman Training and Recovery

  • Exploring Nervous System Mastery and Downshifting

  • Importance of Rest and Recovery in High Performers

  • Exploring Emotional Debt and Allostatic Load

  • Understanding Interoception and Burnout

  • Benefits of Non-Sleep Deep Rest

  • Overrated and Underrated Practices in Wellness

  • Comparison of Infrared and Traditional Saunas

  • Measuring Effectiveness of Wellness Practices

  • Working with Athletes on Nervous System Health

  • Breathwork and Nervous System Activation

  • Unique Experience at a Tony Robbins Event

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Where to find Jonny Miller:

• Website: https://nsmastery.com/

Where to find Andy:

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