If you decide to play, decide to win.

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From Burn to Churn: When Burning Man Became Mud Fest 2023!

Remember those times when your marketing plan just... sinks?

Burning Man 2023.
They said it'd be lit...
But they didn't mean like a muddy slip 'n slide!

Woodstock had its mud.
And now, Burning Man's got its own blend.
Mother Nature's own 'add to cart' for the desert:
72,000 Burners. One giant mud pie.

One road out?
More like one giant mud track.
Think your commute's bad?
Imagine being stuck behind a hippie van, in mud, in the desert.
Good times!

But here's a plot twist.
Burning Man's not just for the free spirits anymore.
POTUS got briefed!
That’s right!
From Black Rock City... all the way to the White House.
Because nothing says ‘important’ like POTUS checking if your tie-dye is mud-resistant!

Organizers had some sage advice:
Conserve food, water, and fuel.
And in true Burning Man spirit: Share.
Cause nothing builds community like...
Being stuck in the mud together!

Stay dry, dear marketers, and may your campaigns never get stuck.
Because when life gives you mud...
You make a marketing splash!

P.S. Next year's Burning Man? Bring a boat. Just in case.



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💀 Issue #100-and-something 💀

Enter the Game? Then Play to WIN.

Here’s a riddle: What’s the one thing that beats talent, skill, and strategy combined?


That’s right.

Imagine this:

  • Lacing up your shoes for a marathon... and secretly believing you won't finish.

  • Preparing for a presentation... yet convinced you’ll be ignored.

  • Starting a new venture... but “knowing” you'll fail.

Sounds exhausting, doesn't it?

The truth is, if you're in the game but expecting to lose, you've already given everyone else a head start.


  • Set up hurdles for yourself.

  • Handed over your power.

  • Ceded the race before the whistle.

Next time you step into the arena, don't just be there to participate.

Be there to DOMINATE.

Because winners? They start by winning in their minds.

Step in. Play hard. Play to win.

All in, all win,


P.S. My Ironman coach once said: “Every game is won twice: once in the mind, once on the field. Make sure you win the first!”


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