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Inside $3 Billion Company: The Strategy, Culture, and Future with Co-Founder Alina

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Mar 11

Inside a $3 Billion Company: The Strategy, Culture, and Future with Co-Founder Alina

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We sit down with Alina Vandenberghe, the co-founder of Chili Piper, the revolutionary calendaring solution that's spicing up the SaaS industry. Dive deep into the intentional creation of a brand that stands out, the intricacies of nurturing a remote-first company culture, and the strategies behind their remarkable growth.

Key Takeaways:

• The intentionality behind Chili Piper's branding

• The unique challenges and rewards of co-founding with a partner

• Strategies for scaling culture and maintaining employee happiness

• The evolution of Chili Piper's product and its market fit

• Future aspirations and the dream of taking Chili Piper public

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Where to find Alina:

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. "It was very intentional, yes. The brand creation was very intentional." - 00:00:08-00:00:19

  2. "The problem with that is that it creates some unrealistic type of relationships." - 00:00:35-00:00:46

  3. "In our case, it's very specific because we're both obsessed with work, with this particular line of work." - 00:02:31-00:02:41

  4. "In our case, one plus one doesn't equal two, one plus one equals three." - 00:03:14-00:03:24

  5. "He has been a serial entrepreneur, so he has the experience of building companies." - 00:04:10-00:04:20

  6. "Because there's one thing where it's like, yeah, that's cool. But it's another thing that you say, yeah, I would pay 40k for that, right?" - 00:06:44-00:06:56

  7. "You click and it shows up right at your door. And when you go to somebody else's website and you want to buy something, they say, thank you, somebody will contact you soon." - 00:07:56-00:08:06

  8. "Most companies lose 60% of their inbound qualified leads that they pay so much money to get because somebody doesn't get back to them as quick as possible." - 00:08:38-00:08:48

  9. "The reality is that you don't need an inbound SDR." - 00:10:08-00:10:18

  10. "The reality is that remote is hard from a cultural standpoint of view, it's hard from an employer standpoint of view because you don't really know if people are contributing or not." - 00:27:17-00:27:27

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