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Is Influencer Marketing Just a Hype Cycle? Kwame From "Love Is Blind"

Good morning to everyone that cancels that Friday afternoon meeting ☠️

Here’s what we’ve got today:

  1. Pod episode with Kwame from “Love Is Blind” on Netflix

  2. Udi (President @ Gong) and I are chatting How To Create a Killer Brand on May 15th. Join us.

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May 2

From Reality TV to Influencer Marketing: Kwame's Journey Post-Love is Blind

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Are you ready to peel back the curtain on the life of a CEO? Our latest podcast episode is a raw and unfiltered journey into the heart of business leadership, and trust me, you won't want to miss this one with Sam Jacobs, CEO of Pavilion.

🔥 Episode Highlights:

  • Kwame's Life Post-Love is Blind: Hear firsthand about the impact of sudden fame and how it has reshaped his daily life.

  • Influencer Marketing Insights: Kwame dives deep into his current role in influencer marketing, sharing valuable insights on how brands can leverage this powerful tool.

  • Personal Branding in Sales: We discuss the evolving role of personal branding and its significance in sales and marketing.

  • Future of Marketing: Explore the shift towards more authentic and relatable content in marketing strategies.

Listen now on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube.

Where to find Kwame Appiah:

Where to find Andy:

In this episode, we cover:

00:00:00 - Introduction and Discussion on Influencer Marketing

00:00:39 - Casual Greetings and Time Management in Meetings

00:01:09 - Sales Experience and Client Meeting Etiquette

00:01:49 - Life After "Love is Blind" and Public Attention

00:03:30 - The Impact of Internet Fame and Public Interaction

00:04:16 - Public Reactions and Personal Experiences Post-Show

00:05:31 - Global Recognition and Being a Local Celebrity

00:06:39 - The Surprising Reach of Reality TV Fame

00:08:00 - Transitioning from Reality TV to Professional Life

00:09:10 - The Casting Process for Reality Shows

00:10:16 - Personal Decisions and Opportunities Post-Reality TV

00:13:33 - Current Professional Role and Influencer Marketing

00:16:37 - The Future of Marketing and Influencer Impact

00:19:12 - The Evolving Landscape of Influencer Marketing

00:22:03 - The Role of Influencers in Modern Marketing Strategies

00:24:50 - Realism and Relatability in Content Creation

00:26:42 - Personal Branding and Choosing Sponsorships

00:28:20 - Balancing Personal Integrity with Lucrative Offers

00:30:23 - Personal Life and Future Plans

00:33:22 - Social Expectations and Personal Milestones

00:35:41 - Personal Choices and Life Plans Post-Marriage

00:37:29 - Cultural Background and Family Expectations

00:38:40 - Conclusion and Farewell

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