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Good morning to everyone excited about this launch today ☠️

Friends, amigos, fellow sellers, and marketers,

TODAY we are launching something new.

I’ve been excited to share this with you all.

It’s TIME.



Distribute AI is a lead generation platform for startups. Our lead generation platform enables startups to drive more pipeline, FASTER.

While building for 7+ years I witnessed under the hood of 1000s of world-class sales & marketing teams. I noticed the bottleneck that they all had: relying on the marketing team to create every single piece of content to include in outbound messaging. Marketers couldn’t keep up with the demand from reps. Non-marketers had no access to a content creation and distribution platform that allowed them to generate their own leads. Only the savvy could hack together several point solutions to start creating their own demand via content.

We are now at an inflection point. Businesses have two decisions:

  1. Either hire more marketers to fulfill content requests

  2. Leverage the frontline reps to make content that converts

It’s time we put SDRs, AEs, CSMs, and those with the most customer insights in the driver’s seat of creating content that converts.


Most businesses suck at distributing content that converts to leads. There are 10+ reasons why your content doesn’t convert or ever get distributed. Founders are not aware of the silos, which are often process and system-oriented in nature, and affect their distribution long-term:

• Marketing bandwidth

• Lack of insights

• Unorganized assets

• Complicated conversions tools

• Lack of access

Finding which content is resonating is tedious and constantly changing. When going outbound, your team has to manually gather content assets from several sources and figure out which piece of content is the best to use for each situation. Then, they find the whitepaper they can send that has some relevant info, but is filled with marketing jargon. And by the team the content is found, the prospect has another question that you need to go searching for.

Personalized content is a massive bottleneck. Researching and creating personalized content assets for each industry requires HOURS of bandwidth from the marketing team. This is not scalable, which is why many businesses use the same generic content for all prospects.


  1. Distribute AI manages your content distribution systems & processes to get 3X conversion rates on content. We automatically migrate the content your reps are using, add conversions to your content, and track which content is resonating most in your outbound messaging.

  2. Consolidate tools. Cut costs. We give your team a platform they can use to create content that generates meetings, put together a deal room to manage open opportunities and generate personalized workspaces that enhance the buyer experience.

  3. AI-powered hyper-personalized content to get next steps in place. You know that cookie-cutter whitepaper you send to all your prospects that they look at archive 2 seconds later? Now that’s not the case. We take assets that your marketing team has created and help you hyper-personalize them so your prospects feel seen.


If you know a B2B business in your network that’s looking to scale its outbound marketing efforts, you can introduce me! My email is [email protected].

Distribute is available NOW. We're confident we can get more businesses Leadflow, and help them drive pipeline faster than what they are doing now.


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