Lead Magnets: Your 10 Golden Tickets to Email Wonderland

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Zuck Rakes in Billions While Metaverse Simmers

Let's talk Zuck’s “year of efficiency”!

Because, folks, it seems like this efficiency parade is floating high and mighty in Big Tech!

Yesterday, Meta took the earnings stage...

And boy did they shine!

They raked in a whopping $32 billion...

Their most profitable quarter since 2021!

Sounds like their conversion rate, am I right?

Ad sales were up...

Thanks, in part, to better ad targeting through AI tech!

Kinda like the time we revamped our marketing strategy with some machine-learning magic!

Facebook now boasts ~3 billion monthly users...

That's almost as many subscribers as our newsletter! (I wish!)

But there's a BUT...

The company’s big bet on the metaverse is still up in the air.

Its Reality Labs division, which is crafting that tech...

Well, let's say it's been a bit of a money sink...

Losing more than $21 billion since the start of last year!

That’s like investing in a new ad campaign only to realize it’s not converting at all!

But hey, in the world of innovation, you gotta crack a few eggs to make an omelet!

Or in this case, burn a few billions to birth a metaverse!

Stay efficient, not deficient!


And they marry each other…


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💀 Issue #100-and-something 💀

Lead Magnets: Your 10 Golden Tickets to Email Wonderland

Ever wondered how to create a swarm of emails in your inbox?

Not spam...

I'm talking about genuine, interested subscribers.

Here's a secret...

It's all about the Lead Magnets!

Here are 10 lead magnets you can create:

  1. An interview with an expert

  2. A nifty checklist

  3. An engaging worksheet

  4. An educational event

  5. A tempting sampler

  6. A captivating webinar

  7. An informative presentation

  8. A pitfall list

  9. An enticing masterclass

  10. A hilarious roast

Each one is like a GOLDEN TICKET...

A ticket that guides your prospects...

Straight into the wonderland of your email list!

But remember...

It's not just about offering something valuable.

It's about SOLVING A PROBLEM they have.

That's the KEY.

They give you their email...

And in return, you give them a SOLUTION.

Think about it...

Everyone's got problems.

And if you can solve even ONE of those problems...

Well, my friend...

You've just earned yourself a loyal subscriber!

So let's get solving, shall we?


  • MyAskAI: Your own WhatsApp AI chatbot (link)

  • Lazy: One keyboard shortcut to take notes & save information (link)

  • ChatGPT fashion stylist: AI-powered virtual personal shopper changing the way people shop (link)


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