Meet the B2B Gifting King aka Sendoso CEO Kris Rudeegraap

(Exclusive Interview)

Feb 2

Meet the B2B Gifting King aka Sendoso CEO Kris Rudeegraap (Exclusive Interview)

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Dive into an engaging conversation with Kris Rudeegraap, CEO of Sendoso, as we explore the evolving landscape of B2B marketing, the power of gifting, and the importance of content creation. Kris shares his insights on leveraging personal connections, the impact of changing email marketing dynamics, and the creative strategies behind Sendoso's success.

Learn about the future of sales development roles, the role of AI and automation in sales, and how building a strong team and product can help you outpace the competition. Whether you're a marketing professional, a startup founder, or just curious about innovative marketing strategies, this episode is packed with valuable insights and actionable tips.

Key Takeaways:

The Rubber Chicken Success Story

We kicked off the episode with an incredible story about how a company managed to generate millions of dollars in pipeline by sending out $10 rubber chickens. This anecdote set the stage for our discussion on the impact of creativity, timing, and humor in marketing and sales strategies.


  • The Art of Gifting: Learn how creativity and timing can make a low-cost item a powerful sales tool.

  • Navigating Competition: Find out how to stay ahead in a market where AI makes it easy for newcomers to catch up.

  • Building a Moat: Understand the importance of having a unique advantage that's hard for others to replicate.

  • Startup Growth: Hear the story of how a side hustle evolved into a booming business with a dedicated team.

  • First Hires: Discover the key roles that can make or break your startup's early days.

Founder's Intuition: Learn why building a product for yourself might be the secret sauce to success.

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Where to find Kris Rudeegraap:

Where to find Andy:

In this episode, we cover:

- 00:00 - Introduction with Kris Rudeegraap, CEO of Sendoso.

- 01:09 - Discussing the impact of email marketing changes and authentic channels.

- 02:05 - Analyzing the evolution of advertising and its implications.

- 03:03 - The shift towards cold calling and its effectiveness.

- 04:06 - Exploring the concept of warm calls over cold calls.

- 05:13 - The rising importance of gifting in marketing strategies.

- 06:23 - Discussing the power of content creation by teams.

- 07:49 - The effectiveness of high-quality content in emails.

- 08:16 - The role of influencers in B2B marketing.

- 09:19 - Teasing Sendoso's new influencer program.

- 10:32 - Leveraging the networks of employees for marketing.

- 11:38 - Kris's perspective on the evolution of the SDR role and the use of AI.

- 13:00 - Discussing the integration of creators in B2B marketing.

- 14:26 - Exploring the effectiveness of personalized content in email marketing.

- 16:06 - The future shift in the approach to booking meetings.

- 17:38 - Insights into Sendoso's gifting volume and operations.

- 19:04 - Unique campaigns and integrations with Amazon.

- 22:00 - Strategies for dealing with competition in the gifting platform market.

- 24:05 - The importance of team and vision in building a lasting company.

- 25:14 - Kris's journey from a side hustle to scaling Sendoso.

- 27:12 - Building products for personal use as a foundation for success.

- 29:45 - Closing thoughts and gratitude for the engaging conversation.

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