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  • Meet the Person who helps @AlexHormozi with cold email aka Enzo Carasso

Meet the Person who helps @AlexHormozi with cold email aka Enzo Carasso

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Feb 29

Meet the Person who helps @AlexHormozi with cold email aka Enzo Carasso

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You've been sending cold emails, but have you been doing it right? Are you riding the LinkedIn wave to its full potential? If you're even a tad unsure, you need to tune into our latest episode. Trust me, it's a game-changer!

Key Takeaways:

  • The Real MVP of Cold Emails: Forget the subject line; it's all about who it's from. If you see an email from Enzo in your inbox, you're gonna open it, right? We're talking about the power of a name and how it can make or break your open rates.

  • LinkedIn's Untapped Potential: Think LinkedIn is just another social network? Think again. We're exploring how it's the new frontier for marketers and why you should hop on this train ASAP.

  • The Future of Email Outreach: With new restrictions on the horizon, we're dissecting what it means for your email strategies. Are you ready for the changes coming in 2024?

  • The Art of Personalization: We're sharing the secret sauce to a 2% reply rate and how personalization is taking center stage in the cold email arena.

  • The Power of Lead Magnets: Discover how offering undeniable value upfront can transform your response rates and build trust like nothing else.

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Where to find Enzo Carasso

Where to find Andy:

In this episode, we cover:

00:00:00 - The Secret to Cold Email Success

00:00:12 - LinkedIn's Untapped Potential

00:00:30 - Competitive Book Launch Strategies

00:00:45 - Evaluating Email Response Rates

00:01:15 - Upcoming Email Regulation Changes

00:01:48 - The Death of Predictable Revenue Playbooks

00:02:09 - The Economics of Cold Emailing

00:02:55 - Shoutouts and Email Infrastructure Costs

00:03:53 - The Future of Email Deliverability

00:04:04 - Gmail's New Restrictions Explained

00:04:50 - Strategies for Handling Google's Email Lockdown

00:05:00 - Adapting to Email Restrictions

00:05:48 - The Evolution of Cold Email

00:06:09 - The Simplicity of Cold Email Setup

00:06:37 - The Technical Side of Cold Email

00:07:02 - The Role of SDRs in Modern Outreach

00:07:47 - The Importance of Email Deliverability

00:08:07 - The Need for Technical Email Infrastructure

00:08:33 - Balancing Email Volume and Deliverability

00:09:05 - The Importance of Email Warm-up Strategies

00:09:53 - The Power of LinkedIn and Email Synergy

00:10:15 - Domain Strategies for Cold Emailing

00:10:41 - Leveraging Clay for Data Management

00:11:39 - The Role of SmartLead in Email Sequencing

00:12:12 - The Importance of Personalization in Cold Emails

00:12:27 - The Future of Cold Email Personalization

00:13:09 - The Shift to Technical Email Setup

00:13:55 - The Role of Lead Magnets in Cold Email

00:14:43 - The Impact of LinkedIn Presence on Email Success

00:15:52 - The Importance of the Sender's Name in Cold Email

00:16:23 - The Power of a Single Email

00:17:06 - The Strategy Behind the First Email

00:18:41 - The Value of Giving in Cold Email

00:19:07 - The Shift Back to Basics in Cold Email

00:20:32 - The Rise of Guarantees in Cold Email Offers

00:21:21 - The Constant Evolution of Cold Email Challenges

00:22:12 - The Importance of Trust in Cold Email

00:23:02 - The Role of SDRs in the Future of Outreach

00:23:59 - The Importance of Content Creation for Sales Teams

00:24:24 - The Impact of LinkedIn on Personal Branding

00:25:42 - The Changing Landscape of LinkedIn Engagement

00:26:25 - The Importance of Being a Content Person in Sales

00:27:06 - The Power of LinkedIn for Business Growth

00:27:27 - The Strategy Behind Alex Hormozi's Book Launch

00:28:00 - The Tactics Used to Generate Leads for Hormozi

00:29:02 - The Importance of the ICP in Cold Email

00:29:53 - The Role of Lead Magnets in Hormozi's Campaign

00:30:16 - The Power of Leveraging Podcast Audiences

00:31:50 - The Success of the Hormozi Book Launch Campaign

00:32:15 - The Importance of the First Email in Cold Outreach

00:33:23 - The Role of LinkedIn in Enhancing Email Campaigns

00:34:03 - The Success of Lemlist on LinkedIn

00:35:22 - The Importance of Content Creation for Company Teams

00:36:03 - The Future of LinkedIn Marketing

00:36:27 - The Importance of Understanding Your ICP's Habits

00:37:02 - The Strategy Behind Hormozi's Book Launch Success

00:38:23 - The Impact of Personalization and Relevance in Cold Email

00:39:05 - The Power of Targeted Audience Research in Cold Email

00:40:20 - The Effectiveness of the Lead Magnet Strategy

00:41:13 - The Role of Personalization in Cold Email Success

00:42:15 - The Importance of Providing Value in Cold Email

00:43:08 - The Results of the Hormozi Book Launch Campaign

00:44:02 - The Importance of the From Name in Cold Email

00:44:59 - The Role of Reciprocity in Cold Email Success

00:45:53 - The Importance of Building Trust Through Content Creation

00:46:24 - Enzo's Role in Hormozi's Book Launch and Cold Email Expertise

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