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  • Meet this $300M Founder Launches A Startup In A Weekend | Noah Kagan

Meet this $300M Founder Launches A Startup In A Weekend | Noah Kagan

Feb 10

Meet this $300M Founder Launches A Startup In A Weekend | Noah Kagan

Brought to you by Million Dollar Weekend—The Surprisingly Simple Way to Launch a 7-Figure Business in 48 Hours.


Noah Kagan built 8 businesses each worth +$1 million (Kickflip, Gambit, KingSumo, SendFox, Sumo, Tidycal, Monthly1K, AppSumo). And… most were started in a single weekend. He touches on his latest book, "Million Dollar Weekend," detailing his journey and the methodologies that have driven his success.

Hear how Noah bounced back from getting fired from Facebook after being Employee #30, learn to make things happen SUPER quickly using NOW, Not How, and calculate your Freedom Number to help you quit your day job.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Power of Asking: Noah dives deep into the art of asking and how it can unlock doors you never knew existed. From getting discounts just by asking to knocking on doors of millionaires for advice, this episode will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and start asking for what you want.

  • Overcoming Fear: Discover the two biggest fears that hold people back from starting their business and how to conquer them. Noah shares his personal experiences and gives practical tips to help you overcome the fear of starting and the fear of asking.

  • The Value of Advisors: Learn about the "cheat code" that helped AppSumo soar to incredible heights. Noah swears by the power of elite advisors in every aspect of business and life, and he's sharing how you can leverage this for your own success.

  • Mindset Over Tactics: We discuss why tactics alone won't lead to success if you don't have the right mindset. Noah emphasizes the importance of building a strong foundation to overcome the fear of publishing and sharing your ideas with the world.

  • Security Guards and Personal Safety: In a surprising twist, Noah sheds light on the affordability of personal security and how it's not just for the ultra-rich. A thought-provoking take on safety, privacy, and the cost of peace of mind.

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Where to find Noah Kagan:

Where to find Andy:

In this episode, we cover:

00:00:00 - Introduction to AppSumo's Success and Wealth Mindset

00:00:21 - The Importance of Free Speech and Security Costs

00:01:00 - Celebrity Encounters and Security Details

00:01:46 - Personal Security and Societal Tensions

00:02:52 - The Power of Influencers and Personal Security

00:04:10 - Choosing the Right Security Strategy

00:05:13 - The State of Public Discourse and Education

00:07:35 - Openness to Different Opinions

00:08:28 - Conviction and Challenging Ideas at Work

00:09:26 - Personal Management of 'Broken Doors'

00:10:09 - Accountability and Advisors in Business

00:11:05 - Organizational Culture and Challenging Norms

00:12:41 - Self-Management and Overcoming Personal 'Broken Doors'

00:14:51 - The Role of Accountability in Achieving Goals

00:17:09 - AppSumo's Advisory Cheat Code

00:19:01 - Leveraging Advisors for Business Growth

00:20:18 - The New Book: Million Dollar Weekend

00:23:33 - Stacking the Deck for Book Success

00:25:29 - Overcoming Fear and the Power of Asking

00:27:02 - The Two Big Fears in Business

00:28:05 - Learning Through Asking and Practice

00:30:02 - YouTube Channel and Asking Strangers

00:31:08 - The Upside of Asking

00:32:42 - The Fear of Rejection and Asking for Discounts

00:34:14 - Personal Stories of Asking

00:35:46 - The Right to Ask and Belief in Your Product

00:36:51 - Sales as a Positive Duty to Help Others

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