Risk Today, Reward Tomorrow: The Rearview Mirror Paradox

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Cali's Candy Crackdown: Skittles Dodge the Ban Bullet – Still a Full Spectrum Snack!

Got a sweet tooth?
Well, California's stirring the candy pot!

New law in town!
Out with red dye No. 3, potassium bromate, and their gang.
12,000 products are about to get a makeover.

But here’s the twist:
It got dubbed the 'Skittles ban'.
However, the rainbow's safe, folks!
You can still get your Skittles fix in Cali.

Turns out, a Skittles chemical got a VIP pass.
Oh, and our European pals?
They've been munching on a different recipe all along.

So, foodie marketers and product pioneers,
As you weave magic with ingredients and recipes,
Remember, what's trendy today might just be taboo tomorrow.

Stay informed. Stay ahead. And always keep a sweet stash handy.


Honestly… might just be a dot


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💀 Issue #100-and-something 💀

Risk Today, Reward Tomorrow: The Rearview Mirror Paradox

Ever looked at an opportunity and thought,
"That's way too risky!"?

You're not alone.

In the moment, opportunities?
They look like monsters.
Big. Scary. Risks.

Fast forward a few years.
Look back.

Suddenly that monster?
It's a golden goose.
An opportunity you wish you'd grabbed.

Opportunities are sneaky.
In real-time? They're camouflaged as risks.

But in the rearview mirror?
They gleam as the paths not taken,
The ventures not dared,
The futures not imagined.

The key?

Don't wait for hindsight's clarity.

Trust your gut.
Embrace the unknown.
Because today's risks?
They're tomorrow's success stories.

Take that leap.
While everyone else hesitates.

Because by the time it looks clear,
The best parts may be in someone else's rearview.

No guts, no story,

P.S. - Remember, your rearview mirror is not for regrets, but for lessons. Drive forward, always!


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