Sales in 2023 & Beyond: Nurturing is the NEW Selling

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X (The Service Formerly Known as Twitter) Makes a Bold Move

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Did you ever think you'd see the day where tweeting came with a price tag? Well, that day might be closer than you think for some of our friends around the globe.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Dollar for a Tweet?: X, which we fondly remember as Twitter, is introducing a $1 annual fee for its new users in New Zealand and the Philippines.

  • Why the Fee?: This isn't some fancy new monetization scheme. It's actually a strategic move. The fee is a part of X's "Not A Bot" program, aimed squarely at reducing spam and pesky bot activity.

  • A Cleaner Nest: By adding this minimal barrier to entry, X hopes to keep the platform more genuine, user-focused, and less automated.

It's a bold move, but with the rise of bots and fake accounts, it might just be the kind of strategy that keeps the platform engaging and authentic.

What are your thoughts on X's new strategy? Let us know, and until then, happy tweeting... err, X-ing?

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Sales in 2023 & Beyond: Nurturing is the NEW Selling

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Here's a hot take for you:

Sales? It needs a brand-new wardrobe.

Here's the thing...
Most of you think you're "selling".
But let me drop a bombshell:

Only 3% of your target audience is in the shopping mood.

Do the math.
That means a whopping 97%?
You're not selling to them.

You're NURTURING them.

Yes, you heard that right.
Your actual job?
Wine, dine, and make them feel fine.
It's a long game. A patient journey.

And here's the secret sauce:
2023's champions?
They aren't hard-sell gladiators.

They're master nurturers.
Subtle influencers.
Relationship builders.

So, next time you're out "selling"?
You're actually planting seeds for tomorrow's harvest.

Winning isn't about the hard sell.
It's about the heartfelt nurture.

Stay ahead of the curve!

P.S. - Think about it. Adjust your strategies.


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