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Taco-to-Taco in a Zoom World: The Flavorful Secret to Business Success

Good morning to everyone except coffee shops without a bathroom ☠️💩

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Vegas Sphere: Where Death Star Meets Disco Ball – U2 Jams, Elvis Appears, and Muffins Inspire!

Ever dreamt of a Death Star...
But instead of dark side vibes, it’s the party side?
Enter: The Vegas Sphere!
Think of it as the galaxy’s glitziest disco ball.

Opening night?
Just a casual U2 gig.
And by casual, I mean the future of concerts wrapped in a $2.3 billion bow!

18,000+ fans.
A screen bigger than most of our ambitions.
And visuals?
Desert landscapes, digital showers, and Elvis.
Because, why not?

Let’s talk origins.
James Dolan, the guy behind it all.
His brainstorming journey?
From muffins to the ultimate Vegas marvel.
Who knew stick figures had this potential?

But the Sphere’s not just a music hub.
It’s also a cinema lover's dream!
Darren Aronofsky’s about to debut an all-immersive movie.
Think of it as a 360° journey to every nook and cranny of Earth.
No passport needed!

So, marketing maestros and sales stars,
When you aim for the moon,
Remember, sometimes it’s okay to land in Vegas!

P.S. Who needs outer space when we have the Vegas Sphere? May the party be with you!


Cc: Karen


97 AI Prompts for Sellers & Sales Leaders

💀 Issue #100-and-something 💀

Taco-to-Taco in a Zoom World: The Flavorful Secret to Business Success

Ever felt a Zoom call left you...hungry for more?

There's a zest that's often missing.

Well, hold onto your sombreros,
Because the real sauce?
It’s not in the cloud.

A lot of business puzzles?
They unwrap...
With the scent of an airport lounge.

All spiced up with a face-to-face salsa.

Mom's wisdom?
Golden as a crispy taco shell.
Her mantra?
Go in person.

She coined it...
"Meeting Taco-to-Taco".

Might sound quirky, in a digital world.
But trust me, its zest has BOOMED.

Because in an age of pixels and quick virtual lunches...
The real flavor?
It's in the human connection.

So when there's a crunch,
Or a deal that needs that extra garnish...

Remember the family recipe.

Hop a flight.
Break some bread.
Or even better, share a taco.

Because sometimes,
The way forward is to savor the old ways.

Cheers to the allure of taco-to-taco meetings.


P.S. Virtual tacos are zero calories, but real ones? So worth the trip!


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