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  • The AI Revolution and the Future of Large Language Models | Steve Krenzel

The AI Revolution and the Future of Large Language Models | Steve Krenzel

Good morning to everyone who has Googled "affect vs. effect" at least 75313 times ☠️

Here’s what we got for you today:

  1. Hear from AI pro Steve Krenzel who help run the AI team at BREX

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Mar 25

The AI Revolution and the Future of Large Language Models | Steve Krenzel

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Welcome back to our latest podcast episode, where we dive deep into the world of artificial intelligence, specifically focusing on the rapid evolution of large language models (LLMs) and their implications for the future. I'm your host, and today we had an enlightening conversation with Steve, an AI expert from Brex, who shared his insights on the development, training, and potential of these groundbreaking technologies.

🧠 Episode Highlights:

  • The AI Explosion: Discover how the field of AI has rapidly expanded from the early days of OpenAI's eight-year journey to the daily emergence of new, cutting-edge large language models.

  • Decoding AGI: We tackle the elusive concept of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and explore what it truly means to create a machine that thinks and acts like a human.

  • Behind the Scenes of AI Training: Ever wondered how AI models learn? We break down the complex process of training AI in a way that's as easy as pie.

  • The Future of AI Integration: From the potential of AI in our smartphones to the role of AI in enhancing business processes, we discuss the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

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Where to find Steve Krenzel:

Where to find Andy:

In this episode, we cover:

00:00:00 - Evolution of Language Models
00:00:16 - Open Source to Proprietary Shift
00:00:37 - Defining AGI
00:00:51 - Impact of Technology on Jobs
00:01:15 - AI Expertise at Brex
00:01:47 - Understanding AI and Large Language Models
00:02:31 - Ease of Using Modern Language Models
00:04:28 - From Translation to Prediction
00:05:27 - Shift in AI Ecosystem and Open Source Models
00:08:11 - Funding and Business Models in AI
00:09:23 - Transition from Non-Profit to For-Profit
00:10:15 - Opinions on OpenAI's Business Decisions
00:12:16 - Training AI Models Explained
00:14:25 - Advanced Training Techniques
00:17:35 - Human Interaction in AI Training
00:19:00 - Regulation and Ethics in AI
00:20:09 - Potential and Risks of AI
00:23:20 - AGI Speculation and OpenAI's QSTAR
00:27:00 - AGI and the Turing Test
00:30:12 - OpenAI's AGI Goal and QSTAR
00:32:20 - Winners of the AI Revolution
00:38:04 - AI Integration in Existing Workflows
00:39:00 - The Future of AI and Hardware Integration
00:42:07 - AI-Enhanced Business Processes
00:43:23 - LLMs and Hardware Potential
00:45:59 - LLMs on Mobile Devices and Privacy

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