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The Cold Email Paradox: Why Billion-Dollar Companies Are Missing the Mark

Good morning to everyone except Hamas.

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Atlassian's Newest Acquisition: Loom-ing Large in the SaaS-scape

We're coming at you with some groundbreaking news from the SaaS universe. Loom, the beloved video software service that has redefined asynchronous communication for many, is being ushered into the Atlassian family!

Here's the Loom-down on the deal:

  • Price Tag: Atlassian didn't just pull a string; they pulled the entire Loom, sealing the deal at a whopping $975 million.

  • User Metrics: Over the span of its growth, Loom has amassed a substantial user base. With 25 million users and 1.8 million workplaces turning to Loom for their video needs, it's no wonder Atlassian saw potential in this merger.

  • Videos, Videos, Videos: Think about the countless tutorials, feedback sessions, and quirky "Happy Friday" team messages. Loom users have collectively recorded a staggering 1.5 billion minutes of video. That's over 2,800 years of content!

  • The Journey: It hasn't just been about numbers for Loom. Over the past 8 enriching years, the team has developed, iterated, and brought forth a tool that truly resonates with its users.

  • Financial Wins: Beyond user metrics, Loom's financial performance speaks volumes. With an impressive $35M in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), it's evident why Atlassian made its move.

This acquisition marks yet another chapter in Atlassian's ambitious journey to dominate the collaborative workspace. As Loom integrates further into Atlassian's ecosystem, we can only speculate about the synergies and innovations that await.

What's next for Loom under Atlassian? Faster integrations with tools like Jira or Trello? Enhanced video capabilities? Or perhaps, an all-in-one collaborative platform that changes the way we work forever?

Whatever the future holds, one thing's for sure: The SaaS world just got a lot more interesting. Stay tuned for more updates, and in the meantime, happy Loom-ing (or should we say Atlassian-ing?)!



97 AI Prompts for Sellers & Sales Leaders

💀 Issue #100-and-something 💀

The Cold Email Paradox: Why Billion-Dollar Companies Are Missing the Mark

National Unicorn Day GIF by Storyful

Guess what?
I just wrapped up an enlightening podcast with Adam Robinson.
The mastermind behind a bootstrapped $20M ARR beast in a mere 3 years.

And, oh boy, did we dive deep!

Here's a nugget to chew on:

Everyone's hustling on personalizing cold emails.
Fancy introductions.
Tailored solutions.

But wait a minute...

What's the use if they aren't even seeing your masterpiece?

Here's the shocker:
The real problem?
Landing in the inbox!

Even billion-dollar juggernauts?
Fumbling. Missing.
Their pitches? Languishing in spam or promotions.

It's like throwing a lavish party and not even reaching the venue.

The takeaway?
Before jazzing up your emails,
Ensure they're being seen.
Ensure they land right where they should.

Before you personalize,

Keep pushing boundaries,

P.S. - I’ll be dropping the full podcast with more golden insights soon.


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