THE 'GURU' SECRET: Unmasking the Pitch Deck Mystery

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Birds of a Feather Rebrand Together: Musk Nests 'X' Mark in Twitter's Logo

I've got some juicy news that'll make your heads spin faster than a social media algorithm change!

Elon Musk, our beloved tech prodigy, is set to X-out Twitter’s bird!

Yes, you heard right.

The famous Twitter bird, the brand's 'most recognizable asset', might soon be an endangered species!

Its replacement? An 'X'.

Just like how we replaced our outdated CRM system with that shiny, new automation software!

This bird switch is the clearest indication yet that Musk is ready to branch out...

He's aiming to create an “everything app” under a new company called X Corp.

But hey, let's not forget, even with a new logo, Twitter remains deep in the red.

Just last week, Cathie Wood’s ARK Investment Management wrote down its stake in Twitter by a whopping 47%!

This feels like that time I tried to rebrand my slow-selling product with a new logo...

But ended up realizing that it wasn't the logo that needed a change, it was the product!

So here's the scoop: A new logo might grab attention, but it's the value proposition that seals the deal!

Remember, folks, in marketing as in birdwatching, a change of plumage doesn't change the bird!

Keep innovating, not just imitating!


Honestly it's more like a dot than a circle now


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💀 Issue #100-and-something 💀

THE 'GURU' SECRET: Unmasking the Pitch Deck Mystery

Ever heard the saying, "All roads lead to Rome?"

Well, let me tell you...

ALL gurus lead to the SAME pitch deck!


I was too.

All the gurus...

They'll promise you the moon and stars.

They'll whisper, "I've got the SECRET pitch deck."

The one to REVOLUTIONIZE your business.

The one to take you TO THE STARS and beyond.

But guess what?

They all do the SAME thing.

  1. They tell you the problem.

  2. They reveal the solution.

  3. They show the result of the solution.

Simple as one, two, three!

But wait...

Did you catch that?

They all START with the PROBLEM first.

Why, you ask?


Good storytellers get to the PROBLEM quickly.

No dilly-dallying.

No beating around the bush.

Straight to the SHARK-INFESTED deep end!

And here's the MAGIC...

Once you know the problem, you're ALREADY THINKING about solutions.

And once you've got a solution...

YOU'RE HALFWAY to results!


You're practically a guru now!

So, next time you see a guru promising the moon...


They're MASTER storytellers.

And YOU can be one too.

Start with the PROBLEM...

Follow with the SOLUTION...

Wrap it up with the RESULTS.

It's storytelling 101!

Remember, EVERY guru was once where YOU are now.

And with the RIGHT pitch deck...

You can be WHERE THEY ARE!

So let's BE the gurus, my friend!

Yours in storytelling,



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