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Eyeball-Scanning for Crypto? Privacy Regulators Can't Blink at Worldcoin's Peculiar Pitch

Get a load of this...

Sam Altman's eye-scanning orb has caught more than just retinas - it's caught the attention of privacy regulators! 👀🔍

Yes, folks, Worldcoin...

You know, that project of the OpenAI CEO's that involves giving away cryptocurrency in exchange for creating a unique digital ID by scanning your eyeballs...

It's received over 2 million sign-ups!

But hold on to your glasses...

It seems to be causing quite the regulatory squint!

Our friends in Kenya recently put the scans on pause...

And regulators in France, Germany, and the UK have opened up their own investigative eyes! 👀🔍

But wait, there's more...

There are plans afoot to let governments and businesses use Worldcoin’s ID verification tech.

Bit like offering a sneak peek into your customer's preferences, ain't it?

Yet, the project is currently not operating in the U.S...

Why, you ask?

Well, let's just say the legal status of crypto here is as clear as mud!

Keep those eyes open, GTMers, and your data even more so!



LeadIQ is hiring

LeadIQ is hiring Sales Development Representatives and Mid Market Account Executives! If you are interested please see the links to apply + hiring manager info below.

Sales Development Application (Denver, Hybrid in office & remote)

Mid Market AE Application (Remote, available states on application)

💀 Issue #100-and-something 💀

GENIE IN A BOTTLE: The Magic Product Promise We All NEED!

Who among us hasn't dreamed of having a MAGIC GENIE?

One that doesn't just grant three wishes...

But takes care of ALL your tasks!


Your TO-DO list? Gone.

Now, that's MAGIC.

You BUY A PRODUCT and they shout, 'We're 10x BETTER!'

Sounds tempting, right?

But then reality kicks in...

What about the REAL STUFF?

Like HANDLING my old contracts.

Or SWITCHING my data over.

Not to mention TRAINING my team!

Where's the magic for THAT?

Why can't someone just wave their magic wand and say...


Is it too much to ask for a little...

Peace of mind?

For a product that doesn't just PROMISE...


That's the MAGIC we all need.

A genie that doesn't just promise more wishes...

But takes care of what really matters.

So let's wish for THAT!




  •  Distribute: Create your own lead magnet using AI (link)

  • Humanlike: AI call center agents for the enterprise (link)

  • Fluent: Learn a language for real this time (link)


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