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Why Nike Shoes Tell a Story, But Hyatt Shoes... Just Wouldn't. The Power of BRAND.

Good morning to everyone except the people who think sending a Venmo for $3.59 is OK ☠️

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Ozempic's Glow-Up: From Diabetic's BFF to CEOs' Secret Slim-Down Sauce

You've heard the music charts, right?
Well, Ozempic’s topping the... CEO charts?
From Hollywood's glitz and glam,
Now, even boardroom bosses can't resist its charm!

Celebs loved it.
CEOs are raving about it.
And analysts?
They've got it on their radar!

Here’s the scoop if you missed it:
Ozempic isn’t a new age diet trend.
Originally? A superhero for Type 2 diabetes!
Now? A powerhouse in the weight loss arena.

How powerful?
Think appetite-suppressing, weight-shedding goodness.
Losing 15% of body weight?
Yes, please!

Over 9 million in just three months!
Like a blockbuster movie, but for meds.
And the best part for manufacturers?
It's a recurring subscription model!
Stay on it, keep the weight off.

So, sales stars and marketing moguls,
In a world of ever-evolving products,
Know that sometimes, it’s not about reinventing.
But rediscovering potential!

P.S. Ozempic: From Diabetes Defender to Hollywood's and Boardroom’s Hot Fave!




97 AI Prompts for Sellers & Sales Leaders

💀 Issue #100-and-something 💀

Why Nike Shoes Tell a Story, But Hyatt Shoes... Just Wouldn't. The Power of BRAND.

Imagine, just for a second,
Nike... opening a hotel.

Got a visual?
You probably do.

Now flip it.
Hyatt... designing sneakers.

...Crickets, right?

This insight?
Fresh off Seth's blog.
And it’s a brand mic drop.

Here's the lowdown:
Nike isn’t just about shoes.
It's a feeling. An ethos. A story.

Great rooms. Comfy beds. But a shoe story?
Not quite.

The takeaway is crispy clear:
You HAVE to build a brand.

Because in a world:
Where every second software feels the same,
Where unique features are rarer than unicorns,
How do you shine? How do you resonate?

Build. That. BRAND.

A solid brand?

  • It screams above the noise.

  • It drags your CAC to the floor.

  • It becomes your fortress, your MOAT.

So as software gets commoditized,
Your brand remains priceless.

Ditch the real estate mindset.
Forge emotional estates.

Because a brand?
It's not just a logo or tagline.
It's an identity. A legacy.

Stay iconic,

P.S. - When people think of your name, what story do they tell? Make it legendary.


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